Developing a music app is not that easy although many people are involved in this pursuit nowadays. Today we have Music pie chart apple music, Spotify pie charts of music and many other lucrative features of these apps as well. It is very crucial to follow these trends in order to develop a good music app in modern scenario. People most of the time forget to include such features in their music apps which makes them below the par when it comes to choose a good music app for people. So if you are also gearing up to develop your own music app then make sure to include following features in your music app for sure.

1. Compatibility and integrity with social sites

This is the first necessity of every music app that it is compatible to social sites and can integrate to them very well. People are very eager to share the content on social media nowadays. That is why you app must help them to avail this facility to share the stuff from your app to social media without any obstacle.

2. Dividing music based on genre

It is very important to keep different section of music based on genre of music to help users selecting their songs. Your app should not look clumsy where it takes ages to choose a song from your favorite genre.

3. Pie chart feature for social media geeks

Music Pie charts are cutting the edge on social media and make sure that your social media geek users are not going to spare you for this. You must meet this feature of creating pie chart for individual user of your site and it should be sharable on social media also. A pie chart contains information about which songs you listened most, genre and artist in given time frame. 

4. Make searching experience easier for people

Make sure that your music app allows your users to search a song easily by putting few keywords. It should be a smooth experience to find a song within few seconds. 

5. Suggestions for songs to users

You can develop a music app that is able to make suggestions to the music lovers as well. Just give these suggestions based on the history of the user that what he or she is listening on the app for a longer time period.

6. Make it accessible for voice search users too

There are people who find it awful to search by typing keywords when it comes to find a song on music app. That is why you should think of adding voice search feature to your app in order to make it user friendly in every way.

7. Notify your crowd about latest music happening

Giving list of songs is not sufficient when it comes to develop a music app but at the same time educate your crowd too. Notify them about the world of music and its regular happening. But make sure that you are not including unnecessary stuff in such notifications.

8. Make the lyrics available for users

Most of the time we fail to understand the lyrics of songs as a result of which we have to Google it down to understand the song. But what if we add these lyrics to the music app to make the experience easier for the people. You can add these lyrics of all the songs on your app to make it appealing foe the people to use.

9. Don’t forget to add song sharing feature

If you are not giving song sharing feature on your music app it is good for nothing to many people. Whenever we feels like sharing a good song with our friends our music app should allow us to do so. But in case you are not having this feature in your music app make sure to upgrade the existing version to add this feature in the app to make it relevant for every user.

10. Keeping best music apps in mind

Whenever you are developing a music app make sure that you have an idea about the best music apps available in the market. You can prepare the structure of your personal music app based on these apps which are doing really well in the market.

So these are the factors that you must consider while creating a new music app. Majority of the time we ignore important factors of a music app. As a result of which not many people love to install our music app on their device. So always include important features that are commonly adopted by the major music apps without any problem. Professionalism is the key of success in any field of life. Thus we cannot forget to show our professionalism when it comes to develop a music app as well.