In order to strive a business towards success we all make efforts especially though internet marketing. Getting more and more traffic and managing customers from this traffic is the ultimate goal of online business marketing. In fact marketing campaign are executed by the professionals to secure best conversion rate for a business site. But it is not sufficient to run business campaign for gaining good traffic and getting conversion. This is because we all need to look after the analytical results of our campaigns and work on the weak points. At the same time one should be aware of the skills like in multi channel funnel reports how are default conversions credited and fixing issues with campaign parameters as well. In case you are not able to trace campaign parameter on Google analytics for your site here is a complete guide for you in such circumstances. By going through these steps you can fix the issue of campaign Parameter is not available by default.

Meaning of Campaign parameters?

Campaign parameters are embedded in the main URL so that it becomes easy to analyze the source of traffic coming to a specific site. They gives an idea about which platform of campaign is bringing the maximum conversion rate for the business. For example if you are using different social sites for your marketing campaign then setting campaign parameters for every site gives you an idea that which social platform is best to generate traffic for your site. You can analyze the data on Google analytics for these parameters effectively.

Why it is useful to set campaign parameters for a site?

Suppose you are running a marketing campaign and not setting up campaign parameters for it. As a result of which you will not be able to understand the platform from where you are getting the visitors. At the same time if you are using campaign parameters it gives you a clear idea that which platform is giving maximum users and conversion rate. So in latter case you can work on other platforms which are bringing poor traffic and analyze your strategy for them. In former case since you are not aware of the source of traffic and cannot analyze your campaign success and failure you cannot improve your strategies. This leads into poor business development and poor traffic to your site in longer run. While in case of using parameters for campaign gives you improved number of conversions and leads.

Reasons for the issue of campaign parameter not available by default

There could be multiple reasons for which you are not able to get campaign parameters for your site. For example you might be using wrong tags for setting the parameters. Using poor syntax, not having code of Google analytics etc. could also be the cause of not getting campaign parameters for your site. There could be multiple of other reasons behind this issue as well that you must resolve to analyze the outcomes of your marketing campaign on Google analytics.

How to fix the campaign Parameter is not available by default?

  1. Make sure to double check the errors in the syntax construction of your URL for setting the parameters of your campaign. If there is any issue with it just resolve it by creating correct syntax for the same.
  2. Do not use excessive special figures like sign of interrogation in the URL as it can hinder you to get the parameters on Google analytics report for your site. Just remove such errors from our link and that is how you can fix the aforesaid glitch.
  3. Rectify incorrectly spelt campaign parameters that is utm source, medium, term, content everything should be in correct spellings. That is how you can fix this issue.
  4. Make sure that you are using the appropriate code for Google analytics for your site. This is one of the biggest mistake that majority of the people are doing which hinder them to get campaign parameters for their site.

So these are the major ways by which you can resolve the issue of campaign parameter is not available by default.


In case you are also facing the same trouble with your Google analytics account to get campaign parameter then above steps can be useful for you. Make sure that you are not ignoring important points from the list to resolve this glitch. It is very essential that you are able to trace these parameters in the Google analytics. As this is going to help you to analyze your site traffic and its sources. Based on this data you can analyze the success of your campaign and can make effective changes in it for the next time also. That is the reason why people consider these parameters very essential to analyze.