The multi-channel funnel reports is way to understand the rate of conversion from different platforms used to target the audience. It is very important to understand the every aspect of these multi-channel funnels like in multi channel funnel reports how are default conversions credited. This is because it leads us to the best business analysis. So if you are also analyzing the rate of conversion for your site through multi channel funnels it is important to know what features needs to be enabled for the same. There is certain feature that you need to enable in order to use these multi channel funnels. So here is a complete detail about this feature.

What are multi channel funnels in Google analytics?

If you are running a marketing campaign for your business site then you must be eager to analyze the rate of conversion that you are getting from different platforms. This is very genuine to say that the entire conversion is not coming from a single platform for your site. So you must be inquisitive to know which platform is giving the best conversion rate in your campaign. For example you are using affiliate marketing, social marketing, email marketing, referral marketing, ppc, SEO traffic etc. So by using multi channel funnels on Google analytics you become able to analyze the conversion rate from every single platform.

Why it is crucial to use multi channel funnels in business analytics?

Using multi channel funnels gives an exact idea about the success of a business marketing campaign and its loopholes as well. We become able to analyze the success and failures of campaign that where we are lacking in our strategy. Google analytics reports enable us to understand the most crucial platform that is giving the biggest conversion rates to achieve business milestones through marketing. It is not genuine and authentic to rely on one or two platforms to deduce the conversion rate of your business site. That is why multi channel funnels reports are very essential when we want to measure the success or failure of a marketing campaign for a business.

To use multi-channel funnels, what feature needs to be enabled?

Now coming to the main point that what feature we should enable to use multi channel funnels on Google analytics. Well you need to enable the e- commerce tracking or goals on Google analytics platforms. By doing so you can easily get the reports from multi channel funnels that what is the rate of conversion for your goals. Make sure that you have an updated version of the Google analytics to execute this task aptly. The older version is not going to assist you with this feature.

  1. Open your Google analytics account
  2. Make a click on Admin section
  3. Then further move the cursor to correct view
  4. Go to e- commerce tracking and click on it
  5. Turn on the enable button for e-commerce tracking
  6. Use the e-tracking code to use multi channel funnels

Google analytics account>>Admin>>correct view>>e-commerce tracking or goals>>enable>>use e commerce tracking code for website

This is how you can enable the goals or e-commerce tracking feature on your Google analytics account to use multi channel funnels for your best analysis.

Outcomes of using multi channel funnels for analyzing business data

Like said many times before when you are analyzing your marketing campaign by using multi channel funnel reports on Google analytics it is the best way to reach the best analysis. You become able to see that which aspect of campaign is contributing to the highest extent in giving you conversions. For example if people are turning up your customer through affiliate marketing then you can focus on it for the next time. At the same time you can work on your weak points from where you are getting least conversion rate. That is why it becomes essential for any business to analyze the data on multi channel funnel reports to get a clarity of conversion rate from multiple platforms.


So if you are also looking for a good platform that can give you a clear understanding about the conversion rate for your marketing campaign Google analytics can be a good answer. You can trace the conversion rate by enabling the e-commerce tracking feature to use the multi-channel funnel report for your site. Scores of businesses are using this Google analytics in order to analyze the success and failures of a marketing campaign. So if you are also possessive to grow your business and reach more customers online then do not forget the significance of Google analytics in this aspect. You can also hire professionals easily if you lack expertise to use and read the reports of Google analytics for your related business.