Snapchat is one of the emerging platform that is making its popularity through snapchat games story and it is also known for marketing goals. Myriads of people are using this platform in order to create Snapchat stories through videos and pictures. At the same time story games are also trending on the platform. The reason why this platform is getting popular is because of the security and privacy features. It allows its users to share its stories either with limited people or all. Here are few important things that are connected to the Snapchat stories which you need to know before getting an access to your Snapchat account and create stories. At the same time you will be able to know the procedure of creating snapchat stories too.

Meaning of Snapchat stories?

We all are aware of Whatsapp status which helps us to post videos, pictures that we can share with our contacts with choice or with all. Snapchat stories are also similar where you are adding pictures or videos with filters in the form of snapchat stories. Likewise Whatsapp status these stories also disappear after a time of 24 hours. People are having games in the form of these stories where they add picture of games like dislikes and likes, answering questions, solving riddles in their stories. In a nut shell snapchat stories are really making a huge buzz amongst the youth these days.

How to create Snapchat stories on your account?

The snapchat stories are very easy to create on your account. You just need to access your account of Snapchat for this purpose and follow the following mechanism.

  1. Get an access to your Snapchat account.
  2. Locate to your profile icon on the snapchat social site app.
  3. Tap on your display pic and click on add sign to create a story.
  4. You can either set the story for everyone under new custom and private story where former gives access to everyone and latter to you only for making changes in the story.
  5. In private story you can select people who can make changes in story.
  6. Now you need to hit the create story icon.
  7. You need to decide a name of the snapchat story too.

Can we set privacy in Snapchat Stories?

Definitely, it is possible to create privacy to your Snapchat stories easily. Either you can choose handful of contacts that can watch your snapchat stories you can make it public by allowing everyone to have an access to this story. If you will choose the former option then it will help be show to other people as locked story with a symbol of real lock in front of the story. This is something very great when it comes to Snapchat that it gives very good command to the account owner to manage the privacy. Just like we are able to lock our profile on Facebook nowadays where only allowed people can get access to our profile.

Create snapchat memory stories to stop disappearing after 24 hours

There is a special feature in snapchat story to turn it into a memory where you can have the post forever to use it again for multiple purposes. Here are few steps that you need to take in order to create such snapchat story that do not disappear even after the set time limit of 24 hours of the story.

  1. Open your Snapchat account and access the camera.
  2. You can spot the memories on the low side of the camera.
  3. You can select the posts or pictures or videos that you wish to include in your memory story on Snapchat.
  4. Now you can again click on the add sign that you will be able to spot again on the low side of the page.

That is how you can create a memory story on Snapchat easily. This story is not going to extinct even after 24 hour time period. This is because it is set a memory story that you can get access to anytime whenever you switch to your account.


So this is how you can get to know about Snapchat stories and the way you can create them too. There are people who are not aware of creating snapchat stories as they are new to the platform. Such people can go through the above guide given here to create good snapchat stories like professionals. That is how you will be able to enjoy this platform for connecting to the people in best way. Social media sites are getting huge popularity nowadays and you can also be a part of it by switching to the newly emerging platforms for this purpose as well. It keeps you connected to the people who are not in your real contact owing to several reasons for a long while now.